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Designing networks so your company can grow with zero downtime


At LakeRiver, our consultants have real world experience in Designing, Installing, Supporting and Troubleshooting many different client networks. We pride ourselves on being able to understand the problem and finding a solution that is best for our client. It is our goal to help you use technology to create profit. Whether it's selling cloud based services to customers or having a robust network, we will make sure it's the right solution for you.

NMS Success Story

Using opensource tools our consultants deployed an NMS to monitor and troubleshoot the clients datacenter elements. Complete with custom dashboards using RESTful API, the client was able to provide additional visibility to their customers services.

V6 Success Story

Recently our consultants completed mutli vendor dual stack deployment on Juniper MX/EX and Cisco platforms. Complete with V6 transit/peering and simplified BGP policies. Are you IPv6 connected?

P2MP Wireless Success Story

LakeRiver recently assisted a large wireless ISP with scaling it's customer base. Based on the clients existing platform we tested, validated and documented how to convert customers from a flat bridged environment to a vlan per-customer routed model. This allowed the client to continue growing without additional capex.